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Website design and marketing for

  • - Hotels, apartments, villas, etc.
  • - Event accommodation
  • - Accommodation around certain POIs
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RezAssist US is a major player in the industry of online hotel marketing working with a trustworthy and reliable partners - one of the biggest travel companies in the world which boasts direct contracts with over 2 million properties all around the world.

Our websites are designed on the basic of the information that hotels supply to our main partner - texts, images, facilities description as well as inventory of accommodation are provided to us by secure connections with the partner's databases. Our websites are user-friendly, fast and reliable. All bookings made through our websites are honored by the hotel properties according to their direct contract with our main partner-supplier.

  • • Hotels
  • • Motels
  • • Resorts
  • • Aparthotels
  • • Guest Houses
  • • Bed and Breakfasts
  • • Villas
  • • Boat hotels
  • • Cottages
  • • Cabins


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What makes RezAssist US different from our competitors?

Our business is not just about creating hotel online presence, it’s about having experts actively working on improving it according to ever-changing industry standards. It’s also about making sure that these websites meet quality and security standards while ensuring the best customer experience.

Boost your property online presence through our system!

We will built, update and promote your property online presence for you at no additional cost. Please fill out our contact form to get in touch with our team for futher instructions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of the partnership with your company?

There are no costs of the integration of your property into our system as long as your property is listed with one of our suppliers.

How will the property manager access the bookings?

All bookings made through our websites are accessible through the property admin logins provided by our main partner-suppliers.

How are the booking changes or cancellations managed?

All booking changes or cancellations are manageable through the property admin logins provided by our main partner-suppliers.

How are the property descriptions and photo content updates managed?

In addition to access to the property admin back office, the property manager is provided with contact information and can communication the updates to our team directly.


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